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Welcome to TAS Foamies' home page!  Here you will find pictures, information and specs, videos, prices, and much more on indoor foamies designed by Tomas Simatovic.  Our detailed build videos have been uploaded to the site! Check the main bar above under "Build Videos"! We are in the process of making a sweet new line of the TAS Foamies Hovercraft Series that even RC CAR drivers will enjoy! Many other sport models are being designed as well! Keep checking with us!


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*TAS Foamies is BACK! Our website is currently under construction. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please, feel free to look through the progress! 


*Also, Check out our "Team" page to get to know our awesome and talented pilots and booth helpers! TAS Foamies is a family and friend grown business!

Video of the month!

Tomas Simatovic, flying his experimental 30" Yak 54 at RCX 2014!


 THE NEW TAS Foamies 40" Extra 300!

(Coming in January 2015)



(Above) Chris  "Lucky" Carnes with his 32" Extra 260! Powered by a Park 250 and some Thunder Power batts! Chris is one of our sponsored pilots and team members! He is currently, and generously making our vinyl stickers! Thanks so much for the love you spread to all the people you meet! You are a huge inspiration to many people including all of us! Visit his website here: www.chrisluckycarnes.net  


(Below) Tomas A. Simatovic with his 34" Yak 54 and paint job at RCX 2012 just after a 15 minute flight demo!



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