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 Tomas Simatovic

Age: 20


Bio: I have been in love with this awesome hobby since the age of 6 yrs old. Made my first successful flight around the age of 12. Doors started to open when I fell in love with the artwork of balsa scratch-building and received my first brushless power system for a 3D foamy. I attended my first indoor event when I met a talented pilot my age by the name of Matthew Stringer (below). Matthew helped me become more knowledgeable in the foamy and 3D area and I took off from there. After that, I started cutting, painting, failing, trying again, testing, designing and flying foamies. TAS Foamies took off at the RCX 2012 expo in Long Beach, CA in late April of that year. With the help of a bunch of friends and pilots and generous customers, I got my company rolling! I plan on marketing all kinds of crazy and affordable designs for sport and competition pilots (hint: and drivers) everywhere! I would not be where I am without the help of the Lord, my Mom and Dad, and some really great friends!



Hitec RCD

TAS Foamies


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 Matthew Stringer


Age: 19

Bio:  I've been flying model airplanes since I was 11 years old and competing since I was 13.  The events I currently compete in are IMAC, Freestyle, F3P and AM.  Recently I won the Tucson Shootout in the Unlimited Class and now have moved up to Invitational for the 2013 season. My goal is to compete in international contests such as the German Acro-Masters and the Indoor Aero-Musical Games. I also want to expand into other areas of competition such as Freestyle Helicopters, Scale, and Glider Aerobatics. 

-2012 SW IMAC Unlimited Regional Champion 
-2012 Tucson Shootout Unlimited ( 1st place) 
-2012 Tucson Shootout Freestyle ( 5th place)
-2012 Clover Creek Invitational ( 7th place)
-2011 SW IMAC Unlimited Regional Finals ( 1st place)
-2011 Tucson Shootout Unlimited ( 3rd place) 
-2010-2011  E-TOC  (Top Ten)
-2010 Clover Creek Invitational Advanced ( 1st place)
-2009 Tucson Shootout Intermediate ( 1st place) 
-2009 IMAC NATS Intermediate ( 2nd place)
-2009-2010 EF Expo Indoor ( 1st place)

T.A.S Foamies
Hacker Brushless Motors
Aero-Model, Inc.
Thunder Power Rc
Desert Aircraft
Pure Tech Products
Banana Hobby
Higher Plane Productions
Carden Aircraft
Smart Fly
Curtis Welding
R&K Automotive Machining
B&K Graphix
Aaron Garle

Age: 21

Bio: My name is Aaron Garle, also known as Bones. I live in a small town called Walloon, QLD Australia. I have been flying since I was 3 years old, flying 3D for 6 years and IMAC for 5 years. I love all aspects of aeromodelling and want to help grow this sport. 

Tucson Aerobatic Shootout 2012-4th Unlimited & 4th Freestyle
ASAA Nationals 2012 - 3rd Unlimited
Clover Creek Invitational 2012-  14th place
ASAA Nationals 2011 - 4th Unlimited
Tucson Aerobatic Shootout - 5th Unlimited & 5th Freestyle
Many local competitions

TAS Foamies
Desert Aircraft Australia
Team Futaba Australia
KS Exhaust Systems
Airman Wheels

 Eric Torres
Age: 23
Bio: Got my first foamy when I was 16 and loved huckin' ever since. Been flying since I was 10. Met Tomas at a church jam session found out he flies too and the rest is history. I don't compete in any competitions,  more into it for the fun. Who knows, if all goes well, you might just see me out there.
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2Timothy 2:11
Romans 12:2

   Jase Dussia




Bio: Hi, my name is Jase Dussia. I am 14 years old, and in the 7th grade. I have

been flying for 6 years. I first soloed on my 7th birthday. I have been a team

member of TAS since November of 2012. I fly both giant scale and foamies. I fly

IMAC and 3D style flying, and have been competing since 2010. My sponsors

include TAS Foamies, Extreme Flight RC, Horizon Hobby, Desert Aircraft, Vess

Propellers, B&E Graphix, Higher Plane Productions, Aurora RC, Outlaw Hobby

Products, and West Michigan Park Flyers. I would like to thank The Lord above,

as well as my parents and sponsors. I am glad to be apart of TAS Foamies!



2014 XFC Champion

2012 XFC 5th place

2012 King 50 2nd place

2011 JR Challenge Freestyle Winner

2011 JR Challenge 2nd place

2012 Joe Nall Demonstration

 Capt. Pete
Bio Coming soon.
More bio's to come as this page is under construction. Coming Bio's include the following:
*Chase Herman
*Chris "Lucky" Carnes